Al Nahdi Walk retail and dining space


Based in Oman, Al Nahdi Walk is about redefining the shopping and leisure experiences for Omanis with a fresh and innovative take on spaces inspired by Omani culture. By merging retail and dining spaces with scenic outdoors, this one-of-a-kind destination promises a delightful and memorable visit for each and everyone.

Al Nahdi Walk center for celebration and excitement


They needed a direction to create awareness for their audiences, and position themselves as something beyond ordinary.

Al Nahdi Walk Shopping & Leisure experience


From the get-go, we focused on what’s different about Al Nahdi Walk. What sets it apart from other establishments? The answer was clear: The team behind Al Nahdi Walk has made a commitment to offer a venue that serves not just as a shopping mall, but a holistic leisure destination where friends and family can gather and have fun. It piques the curiosity and captivates the interest of its visitors, and draws them in with the trendy and innovative discoveries that are unique to the place.

Al Nahdi Walk - Redefining Shopping & Leisure experience

Our Impact

We zeroed in on its Unique Perceived Benefits and outlined its clear position as a first-of-its-kind space. We put together a complete core strategy that highlighted their innovative, out-of-the-box concept for retail and leisure activities and made sure to incorporate the core Omani culture of community in the messaging. The idea was well accepted by the team they were keen to execute it.

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