Sep 30, 2021

5 Common Traits of the Best Branding Agencies

Best Branding Agencies

How do you track down the best branding agencies in Dubai? When your business needs to stand out from the crowd, how do you find the branding agency which stands out from the crowd for you? We’ve identified 5 common traits of the best branding agencies in Dubai. Assess each agency in these terms and you’ll quickly get a good idea of which is right for you.

1. Creativity

Creativity is the life blood of incredible branding. It is creativity which breathes life in to your brand, makes it shine and captures your audience’s attention. Without creativity, a branding agency is never going to make your brand as powerful as it can be. Creativity is difficult to measure. However, there are some ways you can identify if a branding agency ticks the creativity box. Start with their website. Is it striking and memorable? If so, dig deeper. What about the words, messages and imagery within? Are they characterful, individual and energised? If so, dig deeper still. Head to their portfolio and check out examples of their work. Look for examples which reflect the very different nature of different clients. Again, assess each one for what the brand makes you feel and think.


2. Digital literacy

Don’t take it for granted that a marketing agency is a digital pro. They need to know how to play the digital game. Your branding agency should be your partner in crime here. The best branding agencies in Dubai have deep-level knowledge of the digital marketing world. They have their finger on the pulse of what is possible and what works well. For example, they know the trends in social media or the algorithm changes from Google. It’s vital that your brand is capable of working seamlessly in the digital world and that digital literacy should be led by your chosen agency.


3. Communicative staff

Branding is so much more personal than most businesses realise. Getting your brand consistent and in tune with your business – whether that’s with a new website, content updates, PPC ads or through other elements – largely comes down to your relationship with your branding agency. Therefore, communicative friendly staff who are interested in your business and your objectives is essential. The staff within the agency should have collective knowledge and experience which complements each other. They should communicate effectively with you and with each other. The best branding agencies in Dubai take the time to get to know each and every client. They listen and they learn. They welcome feedback and through a relationship built on trust and dedication, they deliver.


4. Perfectionism

The best branding agencies are made up of a team of perfectionists! While in other industries it may be necessary to make do or compromise on perfection, the opposite is true where your brand is concerned. It’s not enough to simply be creative and digitally literate if you don’t execute branding efforts with accuracy. Perfect execution is where many branding agencies fall down. They put in the time and effort at the earliest stages and then errors let them down at the end. Your branding team should care, really care, about getting things right first time and every time. Again, dig deep in to their client portfolio and you’ll soon get a feel for accuracy in execution.


5. Online presence

Perhaps the easiest way to get to grips with the best branding agencies in Dubai is to look at the agency’s own online presence. The leading branding agencies always have an impressive digital presence. Head to their social media profiles and check out how active and brand-focused they are. Hop from one platform to another and think about whether they are consistent, while also appealing to different audiences. Crucially, you’re looking to see if the branding agency itself is making a strong impact digitally. If they can take care of their own brand then they can take care of yours too. Don’t be afraid to dig below the surface when assessing different branding agencies in Dubai. The best will always actively encourage it and let their capabilities speak for themselves. The right branding agency can be the difference between success and failure, growth and stagnation. We are exceptionally proud to be one of the best branding agencies in Dubai.

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