video production company in dubai

We craft content that tells your authentic story - from great ideas to seamless execution.

Moonbox is a Dubai-based video production house helping brands fully engage with the right audience through creative ideas that expand boundaries and push the limits of storytelling. Through innovative, end-to-end strategies that create visual and aural impact, we help you inspire, excite and make a lasting impression.

Video Production

It’s not just lights, sound, camera, action-and cut! We do it all the way until you see your story in 4K.

Moonbox, the top Dubai-based video production company provides services in creative video productions, YouTube advertising, video ads, 3D modelling, motion graphics, etc.

Corporate Videos Product Videos Event Videos Brand Commercials Video Ad Campaigns Social Media Contents Testimonial Videos


“Pics or it didn’t happen.” More than pressing a button—we capture life. We capture key moments. We document, conceptualise and tell stories better said through snapshots..

Food photography Product photography Fashion photography Architectural photography Events photography Headshots Corporate photography Automobile photography

Audio Services

It’s never the same when you turn down the volume. They say audio creates 40% impact for any visual commercial—and we are a 100% good at it.

Podcast Audiobook Voice search Audio advertisements Voice overs Sound Design

Other Services

Animation makes things easier to understand for everyone, no matter how old you are. 2D and 3D animation, infographics, explainers, motion graphics-we make it move.

2D Designing 3D Modelling Motion Graphics Graphic Designing Infographics

Our Process

  • Concept


  • Scriptwriting


  • Storyboard


  • Pre-Production+


  • Production+


  • Post-Production+


  • Implementation


Cut through the noise, embrace the evolution of design, and win the Dubai branding game through a next level audio-visual experience.