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We are...

Moonbox is a Dubai-based brand consultancy. We develop brands that inspire wonder,
establish connections and underscore transformative impact.

Purpose over promo - Branding company in Dubai - Moonbox

We believe...

Brands happen when curiosity meets creativity, emotion converges
with reason and passion embraces purpose. We also believe….

Human beings are intuitive and emotional.
Authenticity is the strongest magnet.
Honesty always wins.
Creativity is not bound by age, gender or race.
Integrity cannot be bought.
Echo over buzz - Branding agency in Dubai - Moonbox

We care...

About the things that matter.

Our Team

Moonbox believes that happy people do the best work, so as an equal opportunity employer, we make sure that we do everything to make them feel they are included and seen, no matter where we call home. We compensate them justly and on time so they can live decently here and support their families back home.

Our Clients

Over the years, we’ve built amazing relationships with the people we’ve helped. They’re no longer seen as clients but have become our teammates. For us, it’s not just about going the extra mile—it’s knowing that everyone needs a partner that will help them get to the where they want to be.

Our Communities

One of our collective goals is to help improve life for all. We identify underserved communities, and through our partnerships with non-profit organisations and charitable groups, we hope to transform more lives for the better.

Value over profit - Creative branding agency in Dubai - Moonbox

We don't...

...engage in unethical practices.

Some of the biggest issues the creative economy faces are ethics-related: Plagiarism. Fraud. Unpaid talent. Inequities in the workplace. Unethical leadership. We create original work for our clients because we understand that what makes you different makes you stand out. We do not copy someone else’s homework and pass it off as our own.

...say yes to everything and everyone.

We value honesty, transparency and goodwill. We believe in supporting those who want to change the world for the better. We have always taken great pains to uphold our belief system consistently, and because of this, we work only with individuals and businesses whose values are aligned with our own.

...work for free.

(Unless you’re up to something good for humanity. If you’re a charity, drop us a line.) We feel a sense of responsibility as our team’s source of livelihood, so we are extending this responsibility towards our potential collaborators, too. Work rendered is work paid. That means no free mock-ups, no free pitches. We give free advice but that’s just about it.