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Want to launch your own brand but don't know where to start? Our team of brand strategists and brand managers are here to the rescue.

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Launch a new brand in UAE with Dubai's leading branding agency. We craft simplified solutions and impactful go-to-market strategies to help your brand land its ideal position in a crowded business landscape.

We're past digital.
Brands need to step into the new frontier.

For over a decade, Moonbox has been transforming business into brands whose entry into the market has changed life for the better. While there's no one-size-fits-all formula to a successful brand and creativity is limitless, we believe branding should follow a smart, digital-first brand strategy, supported by theory and, most of all, shows an understanding of the target audience.

Our practical yet impactful brand launch ideas are implemented seamlessly, with every step overseen by a team of Marketing and Communications professionals collectively creating a standout brand that bridges the gap between promise and delivery. We live in an evolving world, headed towards the Metaverse, so with the proper channels and platforms, to start a new brand in Dubai or any other place in the world gets simpler and better.

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Why launch your brand with Moonbox?


  • Brand Launch Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Messaging Framework
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Launch Event Planning


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Logo
  • Brand Marketing Assets
  • Brand Creatives


  • Brand Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Launch Event Coordination
  • Public Relations
  • Media Relations

How it works

Here's just a small peek into how we think long-term for your brand to ensure it makes sense to your business.

  • Develop clear brand objectives

    "Begin with the end in mind." What outcomes are you working towards? What's the end goal of this brand launch?

  • Review your brand essentials

    Do the existing brand assets and current messaging help reach your objectives?

  • Identify your brand's key audiences

    Who do you want to engage with? Are you still counting "everyone" as your audience?

  • Define your brand positioning

    Who are you competing with? Why are you the better option?

  • Create a standout brand identity

    Do your logo and brand visual elements communicate your purpose? Is it aligned with your personality and promise?

  • Develop your brand launch plan

    What's the most effective way to reach your brand goals? How do we reach your target audience and convert them into long-term patrons?

  • Define your content marketing strategy

    What kind of content will consistently communicate your purpose and keep your audience tuned in? What social platforms are you going to use?

  • Evaluate and fine tune brand activities

    Are the brand launch tactics working? Is your new brand launch activity converting or is it just burning your budget?


Benefits of having a PR strategy

  • 01

    brand awareness

  • 02

    brand equity

  • 03

    brand loyalty

  • 04

    team morale

  • 05

    More opportunities
    for growth


How does a brand launch help my business?

Organising a brand launch lets you get maximum attention from your target audience. With a brand strategy and launch plan properly thought out, implemented and evaluated, you create better opportunities for your brand.

What should a branch launch include?

Each brand launch is different, but generally a brand audit, brand strategy, brand content strategy and brand launch plan are what's needed to have a more structured way of doing things.

How do I launch a brand in Dubai?

Dubai is a multicultural smart city, its citizens living and breathing anything digital. As one of the most competitive business hubs in the world, brands from all over compete for the attention of a finite number of people. It's important to understand you're not just catering to an audience that is tech savvy and are always on the move, but it's a tough pool to swim in if you're not getting your message right. Start by finding a niche that only you can occupy and lay down the foundations of your brand strategy from there. Having a brand identity that's aesthetically pleasing won't hurt either.