Jul 12, 2022

7 Techniques To Use Branding To Create A Better Customer Experience

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If we asked you your favourite brand there’s something that comes to mind, right? What exactly made that brand come to mind? Was it its core facets like logo, design, typography, packaging, or was there more to it? How long did it last in your mind? Companies that consider themselves the best branding agency in Dubai and beyond, go out of their way to create a brand experience not just restricted to the above factors. They evoke an emotional and personal connect with customers which adds value to the brand and creates a long-lasting impression.

Apart from the emotional connect, the marketing, the presence, the reviews, the treatment, and much more plays an essential role in representing the company. How a customer perceives a brand across every touch point and how they build a connection that is strong enough to believe in it makes all the difference. Brand experience and customer experience are inter-related and top branding agencies in Dubai strictly adhere to best BX and CX practices.

Let’s take a look at creating a better customer experience through branding practices, so as to become the best branding agency in Dubai.

1. Strengthen your relationship with employees

This might seem out of context, but it plays an essential part in building stronger connections with the customers. If something is hindering the employee’s smooth deliverables to the customer, it will affect the perception of the brand. Effective communication through surveys or any other medium may raise common pain-points in the overall employee experience and can be eventually resolved. A happy employee who is empowered and gives his best will have a positive impact on the brand’s clientele and well-being.

2.  Make your presence felt

It would be an understatement to say that the world is driven by technology, and brands can make the most of it by being omnipresent. More than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. The digital journey with multi devices plays a vital part. Customers use a range of online and offline media to connect with a brand, so no matter how tasking it may seem, it is important to up your game and make your presence felt through compulsive strategies.

3. Make it personal

If someone exactly knows what you want and gives you that, how do you feel? That’s what personalisations do. Customers are seeking more personal and exclusive experiences that are tailored to their demands. Evoking an emotional connect through activations or activities or simply understanding their user profile, demographics, preferences, shopping histories etc. and using them to deliver personalised experiences, will strengthen the relationship with the customer.

4. Educate your customers

What does your brand stand for? Or what do you want your brand to be known for? In order for your customers to understand your brand well, you need to educate them and gain their trust. Some of the best ways can be giving away freebies or free samples so that your potential customers can try and get an exact idea about your brand.

5. Social Listening

Customer experiences are often shared across social media platforms especially if they are negative. If your brand happens to face such an issue, you can take appropriate actions and respond to their concerns. This won’t just boost your reputation on social media, but also increase your presence.

6. Refine and rebrand if required

To become the best branding agency in Dubai, or literally anywhere else, make sure that the brand represents exactly who you are as a company in the best possible way. Lot of researches cited that, the reason why customers could connect with a brand was due to the value that it provides. This also means creating a logo that is easy to understand, a consistent colour scheme and an effectively defined brand messaging. If your brand is unable to attract your target audience, you can also consider rebranding.

7. Reward your loyal customers

A satisfied customer makes a business successful. One of the vital parts of building a strong relationship is to make them feel valued and honoured and give them due credit for your company’s successful endeavours. The best way to do this is through rewards, giving early access and offering special discounts to loyal customers.

By now, we hope that its been clearly established how a customer experience plays a vital role in brand performance. Whether it is a small business or a full grown one, customer experience should always be the primary focus.