Feb 25, 2021

Branding From The 8 Point Of View

Branding Point Of View

Have you noticed that you don’t like watching the same movie over and over again even if it is one of your favorites? Beyond a point it gets boring. Branding is no different. To keep your branding fresh and interesting you have to wrap it up in different interesting stories ultimately conveying the same promise, confirming your commitment to your target market. It’s not easy. But it’s interesting, and definitely profiting. Most of our businesses have suffered the jolt from the present pandemic. Many brands have experienced a major setback and some are even forgotten. In fact, some are even replaced by new brands. Brand revival is crucial and possible. You can get back on your feet with a few smart moves that we discovered along the way as we immersed in branding and re-branding many a brand to keep them on top of the consumers’ mind through and after the pandemic. This comeback is not about the business you have built, it is about the business you are going to build. The one thing to remember is every recession comes with changes in consumer expectations and buying patterns, and, technological advancement creates new aspirations. Either you are with the times or you are not in the league at all. In fact, the only reason your competition might be growing faster than you is because of the technology put to an advantage.

For brand revival, there are a few very important steps to be implemented with complete honesty and dedication. You might think, since your grandfather did business a particular way and earned his buck and more, you too might sail through. The sad part is you will sink. Don’t get caught up in past laurels, because business is fluid and ever-evolving. You have to create a new plan with a fresh perspective to stay afloat. So let’s create it: Reassert your brand value through a smart process.


1. Give your product new dimensions

Redefine why your brand exists and what it offers to create fresh perceptions based on the latest buyers’ expectations and purchase patterns.


2. Make your consumer want your brand

Create an offering tailored to a particular mindset and grab a niche in the market who will think five times before making a shift. Make your brand feel like it’s made for them only. Discover a strong consumer drive and go after it hammer and tongs.


3. Looks are deceptive

Change the look of your brand, not to deceive, but to appeal to the audience with something they have been looking for in your brand product category. Research to gather the right insights to discover the unrealized value and try to bring it to the surface through a new look.


4. Make an overwhelming offer

Add value to your brand. Make it more customer-centric by adding exactly what the target is looking for. Make an offer they can’t refuse and watch your sales bar hit the sky.


5. What’s in a name? 

Well, everything. Your brand name can create a major market shift if it addresses a particular need or perception that the audience is looking for. Sometimes a particular brand function when incorporated in the name can become a vital distinguishing factor leading the consumer to make a purchase.


6. Realign your distribution network

Find your consumer and reach out to him or her through a well-planned fresh distribution channel that your consumer is likely to visit. Be sure, if well directed your consumer will be thrilled to find you in your new place and take you home with them.


7. Pricewise 

Pricing can change the game. Create a fresh lease of value for your brand through pricing and value adds. Demonstrate different levels of value for your bulk category, special category, and top-end category and create wider markets through operating at flexible price points.


8. Tell a different story

Integrate your brand into the lives of your consumer by telling stories they will relate to and want to hear, establishing personal value for the brand. Engage your audience by telling them something that will draw them to your brand by building intrigue and curiosity. A new story will change the way your customer perceives your brand. Just the same way your grandma made the same porridge interesting with anew fairy tale every day. A word of caution: Every brand carries with it a best before date unless you continually look for ways to renew it. A successful brand is always exploring the next possibility.