Feb 1, 2021

Does your business need branding?

Does your business need branding?

Some ask why a small business needs branding. We tell them, as a branding agency we grew from small to big, and that’s what branding does to your brand. We grew the hard way and with us, we grew our people to take our culture forward every day in every way.

Listed below are branding insights that might take your brand a long way:

1.  DEFINE YOUR BRAND Study your product or service in-depth. Search the market pockets and research the emotive and rational needs of the target audience. Define your brand character that connects with the target market and differentiates your brand from other players in the same category.

2. THINK OF YOUR BRAND AS A PERSON All of us are made up of beliefs and values that shape our character. We wear different personalities that are expressed through a diverse choice of colors, taste, and our response to situations and people. Your brand is also built of out these elements and it is important to have an intense understanding of what qualities your brand carries. Your brand personality will help your target to identify with your brand at an aspirational level.

3. THE DRIVING FACTOR Outline the purpose of your brand and your brand heroes to establish a strong brand positioning to convey your brand identity and brand character in all communication mediums. This will further establish a strong connection with the consumer.

4. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS Create customer trust with honest branding by delivering what is promised. Advocate your company values in every endeavor of brand communication to form a strong and long-standing relationship with your consumer.

5. A CONSISTENT TONE OF VOICE Substantiate your brand character with a consistent manner and tone to communicate what your brand stands for. This tone will become your brand voice and reinforce brand recall.

6. STOP BEING REPETITIVE Make your key messages work together to shape comprehensible brand identity.

7. AVOID IMMITATING BIG BRANDS Your brand identity will form out of a distinctive approach to your customer that sets you apart from others in the same market. Original is always in style and any kind of imitation is always hard to believe along the way.

8. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF Be daring. Carve our niche. And, be flexible to fit the mind of the ever-evolving customer. Big brands are laden with bureaucracy making it difficult to be bold with branding. As a small brand, you have an advantageous edge by being innovative.

9. BRANDING IS THE SOUL OF YOUR BUSINESS Don’t dilute your brand positioning with haphazard discounts. Instead, offer more through well-planned promotions that will emphasize your brand mission.

10. BE FLUID Today’s customer is intelligent and as a brand respects his intellect by not giving away everything upfront. Create intrigue and allow the customer to discover the genius of your brand. This is a great way to manifest brand ambassadors who celebrate your brand by telling everyone about their great experience with your brand. If you need support with your brand, from creating your initial brand strategy to the visual identity elements contact us and we’ll help you discover your brand story.