Mar 20, 2022

How to Design a Fashion Logo for Your Brand?

Fashion Logo

The fashion industry requires brand owners to stand out from the competition and attract customers in a crowded market. Having a strong, unique fashion logo is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Design is an important aspect of the fashion industry. This is also true for your brand’s overall aesthetic, whether it’s clothing, accessories, sportswear, or any other kind of apparel. 

By designing a fashion logo, you validate your professionalism, tell clients who you are and what you do, and help you stand out from the competition. 

Fashion Brand Logo Design: What to Consider?

When designing a fashion brand logo, there are a few key points to keep in mind. 

1. Simple 

When it comes to logo design, sometimes less is more. Simple logo designs allow you to express your brand’s essence clearly, which is important since your audience will only look at your logo for a short time. 

Logos that are simple highlight the most important aspects of a brand without taking up a lot of space. Color, font, shape, and icons can be used to convey messages, as can distilling ideas to their simplest form.

2. Recognizable

Audiences must be able to recognize your logo immediately. It is important that your logo creates a connection with your target audience and generates interest in your brand. The Nike swoosh or the Lacoste alligator are two examples of brands whose logos instantly evoke a sense of recognition.

3. Scalable 

No matter where your logo appears, it should look amazing. Consider your logo design’s look across different mediums, whether your price tag, clothing, website, or social media page. It is therefore important to choose a layout that preserves the quality of your logo even after it is resized.

4. Original

Being true to yourself is the number one rule of design. Customers are much more likely to remain loyal if you are authentic. Keeping your logo design original to your brand will give your brand a sense of identity.

Your Fashion Logo Style – Make your own Fashion Brand Logo

As well as those four tips, the design of your fashion logo will also depend on your target audience and specialty.

1. Target audience

There are specific demographics within society that want or need what you’re selling. You should select design elements (color combinations, icons, fonts, etc.) based on who your target audience is.

Here are a few examples of fashion design logos that appeal to specific target audiences.  


Color is the first design element to consider when creating a fashion logo for a feminine audience. 

Color psychology suggests that colors help your brand connect with your target audience psychologically and emotionally. In choosing your logo color palette, you are also selecting the emotions you want to convey. 


An icon is a sure way to attract younger audiences to your fashion logo. Icons convey and make recognizable certain ideas.  


Typography is an important design element to consider if you want to attract a masculine audience. 

A font can evoke specific responses and create unique associations with a brand. Creating a fashion logo requires you to take into account the psychological meaning of each font type. 

Slab serif fonts, for example, represent confidence, dependability, and assurance thanks to their thick lines and less delicate serifs.

2. Specialty 

Designers specialize in specific fields or categories. Depending on your specialty, certain design elements will work better for you.  

Here are a few examples of logos that suit fashion designer specialties.  

3. Athleisure

In terms of logo design, athleisure or sportswear fashion brands have a lot of room for creativity.

4. Vintage 

Vintage clothing brands should use their logos to get their message across loud and clear. Many vintage logos have a weathered appearance, often with muted colors and a simple color palette.  

For vintage brands, script fonts evoke creativity, freedom, and an antiquated feel.

Winding Up

The information you have just read should help you create a logo for your fashion brand. Focus on what makes your brand stand out and what you want to communicate to your customers. It’s easy to create a logo with just a few clicks when you’re ready!