Sep 30, 2021

Here’s What You Need to Know to Build Millennial Brand Relevance

Millennial Brand Relevance

In-depth insights that could be a game-changer in terms of ROI Before we dive deep into the topic, let us first clear out the basics:

So, who are millennials? 

Typically, the people born between the years 1980 and 2000 are referred to as millennials or Gen Y. They are the first generation to be familiar with digital technology and still constitute a huge percentage of the total internet usage across the world.

Why do you need to target them? 

If millennials like something, they buy it! The same might not be the case with their parents or Gen Z. Their parents either prefer counsel before they make a buying decision or they avoid spending money. In the case of Gen Z, they usually need money and permission from their parents. So, in short, targeting millennials generates more ROI.

Does this mean that they are spend thrifts? 

No, definitely not! They are, in fact, the most informed and smart buyers. They not only research the product or service but also consider the pricing, discounts, ratings, etc before making a purchase.

How to Build Millennial Brand Relevance? 

Millennials don’t prefer watching TV. Instead, they choose to watch web series and movies ad-free. They even pay to the video streaming platforms for uninterrupted entertainment. Therefore, advertising through television is not a good idea. Newspapers are also ruled out because their mobiles show them all the news much faster.  In short, the best medium to target millennials is through the internet. However, there are multiple brands in your industry that are targeting the same millennials like you. So, what can you do to grab their attention and stand out from your competitors? Begin with these:

Understand What Kind of Experience Do Millennials Expect

The current marketing scenario is completely different from what it used to be. Brands are going out of their way to offer great experiences. This has significantly raised the expectations of the millennials.  They prefer brands that offer a personalized experience while offering easy communication. Moreover, they feel more drawn towards brands that share the immersive content that inspires, educates, or entertains them.

Focus on Moment Marketing and Make Them Laugh 

Many brands like Zomato and Netflix are leveraging the power of ‘moment marketing’ and ‘meme marketing’ to attract millennials and Gen Z. Their strategy is working tremendously well, especially to build brand awareness, because millennials love to share such content and talk about it. Gen Y and Z even follow brands that share this type of content.

Remember, They Don’t Have Time

Millennials don’t seem to have much time or attention span. They don’t like spending too much time on long-form content. Instead, they like to consume multiple pieces of short content. This is one of the main reasons why Insta Reels and Tik Tok have gained so much popularity.  These are some aspects that you must start working on immediately to make your brand relevant to millennials. For more insights on millennial brand relevance, feel free to reach out to us!  Branding By 8, is a specialized branding agency based in Dubai. We can help transform your brand.

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