Jun 7, 2022

How Impactful Is Logo Design On Brand Recognition

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How Impactful is a Logo Design on Brand Recognition

If there is anything that Nike, Apple, Google, and Disney have in common, it is the fact that the logos of these companies are iconic and easily identifiable by the average person. This proves that designing a good logo is an essential aspect of building a company.

In this blog, let us discuss how important logo design is to a company and which company in Dubai can help budding organizations get to the next level. Continue reading to learn more!


How Does Logo Design Help a Company?

Logo design can provide the company with a lot of benefits, including the following:

  • Distinguishes the company from competitors
  • Fosters brand loyalty among existing clients
  • Catches the attention of would-be customers
  • Establishes the identity (and personality) of the company
  • Creates a long-lasting legacy
  • Eliminates doubt as to the legitimacy of the organization


How to Know if a Logo Design is Effective?

Any logo design company in Dubai can provide you with colorful imagery and energetic messaging, but the true test to ensure that your brand logo and your company stand out from the rest is the test of substance and recall.

Substance speaks to the quality or relevance of a particular object or person. A person with substance is an individual who is intelligent, skilled, talented, and/or virtuous. An object with substance is built and designed with quality, usefulness, and durability in mind.

In logo design, a logo that passes the test of substance can be indicative of the benefit that the company it represents can provide to the client.

Recall is simply about remembering. It does not have to be word-for-word. It can be the recollection of something as simple as the color of another person’s eyes, or the memory of what you had for breakfast yesterday.

In logo design, a logo that passes the test of recall is equal to how easy a client can remember the company it represents.


What is the Best Logo Design Company in Dubai?

There are several qualities and aspects that make a logo design company a good one – technical skill, adaptability, customer service, and positive feedback from previous clients. However, what makes a good logo design company the best is one thing – the ability to capture wonder. Wonder is a mixture of admiration and surprise as a result of experiencing something beautiful, complex, and thought-provoking.

Moonbox is the best company that can capture wonder. With its tested and proven formula of storytelling and communication to a wide audience, this logo design company and branding agency in Dubai can take your company to the next level.

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