Oct 24, 2022

Making the most of Meta

The Metaverse is here with a big bang and brands have already started immersing themselves in this phygital world. To know what the Metaverse is, check out our previous blog. 

In order to create one-of-a-kind experiences in the virtual world and garner some never-seen-before engagement, some of the top-notch brands have ventured into the Metaverse and created remarkable experiences that left a lasting impression.

Let us take a deep dive into what these brands did in the Metaverse and how they stood out. 


Gucci and Roblox

Gucci officially launched itself into the Metaverse with Gucci Town, a space created on Roblox, a global gaming platform. The project’s dynamic destination lets the users express their individuality through virtual clothing and allows them to connect with like-minded people, as envisioned by its creative director Alessandro Michele. 

The Gucci Garden Experience Lands on Roblox - Roblox Blog

The virtual experience followed a two-week art installation to build brand awareness among its young consumers. Gucci invited users to indulge in greenery through its virtual gardens and explore digital goods comparable to avatar accessories. It proved to be much more effective than the products in the real world and generated significant sales. It also offered themed virtual rooms paying homage to the brand’s campaigns. The users were able to view, try on or purchase digital Gucci products to dress their avatars and get a look and feel about their product range. As they made their way through the virtual world, their avatars would absorb elements of each area. Fascinating, isn’t it? 


D&G and Decentraland

Dolce & Gabbana has also embarked on their journey to Metaverse. Like any brand that prides itself on being a luxury brand for fashion innovators and trendsetters, Dolce & Gabbana chose Decentraland, one of the more mainstream metaverse platforms currently in the market, as the main stage to launch their Disco Drip collection. Disco Drip is a collection of 20 looks offered as origin NFTs from Dolce & Gabbana and UNXD. According to egamers.io, the collection is on  digital display on OpenSea, and with it, users from different metaverses can dress their avatars with the signature Dolce & Gabbanna style. 

Dolce & Gabbana Release Collection in Decentraland

Pokémon and Selfridges

The 25th anniversary of Pokémon was celebrated on a different scale. Selfridges had teamed up with the clothing brand Charli Cohen to create a unique digital shopping experience in the Metaverse, creating new avenues for metaverse retail concepts. To shop from their newest collection, customers will need to explore the Electric/City, a digital environment that will allow the fans to buy physical and virtual garments. 

Discover a first-of-its-kind immersive shopping experience to celebrate Pokémon's 25th anniversary

The digital environment, taking inspiration from Pokemon combined with cyberpunk, was created in partnership with Yahoo Ryot Lab and allowed fans to discover the Charli Cohen collection through a 360 video experience. The shoppers got to navigate the world with customized avatars they created, and dress them up the way they want through purchased digital garments viewed via augmented reality body tracking Snapchat lens. 


Coca-Cola and OpenSea

Coca-Cola has been refreshing the world for over 135 years, bringing people together and creating great memories. On the occasion of Friendship Day, they collaborated with players in the blockchain ecosystem such as OpenSea and introduced their first-ever NFT. As they ventured into the world of Metaverse, their collectible retro vending machine from 1956 was reimagined for the Metaverse, including an unlockable, iconic, real-life cooler made in Italy. 

Coca Cola auctions its first NFTs on OpenSea

All of the NFTs depicted celebratory spirit and articulations of friendship. The glass contouring bottle and iconic advertising have made it to be one of the most celebrated brands in the world. 


These brand integrations have already paved their way into virtual reality and set themselves apart in the world of Web3 and Metaverse. These global brand campaigns give us a better understanding of what can work in the Metaverse and how being in this space has already become the new norm.