Apr 7, 2020

Middle East and North African residents now have access to Yandex Games

Yandex Games

Developers will have the opportunity to launch their games here as well as users will have access to a list of browser-based games. Gaming service for MENA launches on Yandex in GCC

Gaming service for MENA launches on Yandex in GCC

Press Release By MoonBox

Yandex announces the launch of Yandex Games, a platform for game makers and a catalog of new HTML5 games. Developers and creators in the MENA region can use the platform to share and monetize their games.

In 2018, Yandex Games was founded and has experienced rapid growth, including international expansion. There are over 10 thousand games on the platform in 70 languages. More than 30 genres are available, including action games, puzzles, races, and games for two. Every day, users spend around 40 minutes on the platform, and in a month, more than 24 million people play games.

It’s a launching pad for developers and a list of browser-based online games that can be played on smartphones or desktops without installing anything. Users and developers can access all the tools and support for free.

In other words, if a developer translates a game into a local language, then it automatically appears in those regions; or if the game passes moderation, it drives free traffic from users.

Yandex Games’ main page lists the most popular games from different genres. From any category, the user can pick his favorite game, or go with the platform’s selection. By using AI algorithms, the service is able to create personalized collections and recommendations based on previous choices, as well as comprehensive user ratings and reviews. Yandex Games are all free, only a few have in-app purchases.

Extra time, life, points, and accessories can be bought for the game character.All of these services can be purchased using a bank card or Yang, the virtual currency of the service.

Advertisement and in-app purchases provide income and monetization for developers. New games on the platform can use Yandex App dashboard as part of the service.

Developers with Yandex IDs can easily add their games, track their progress, and edit them.Yandex Advertising Network (YAN) allows developers to monetize their games, where they can set the rate and format of ads (interstitial ads, rewarded videos, custom ads).Additionally, there’s an in-game currency developed specifically to encourage in-game purchases.

The hosted content doesn’t have to be exclusive to Yandex Games. Instead of creating a new HTML5 game, developers can port one from their portfolio. Moderation by Yandex includes integration with Yandex Games SDK.

Games are distributed through Yandex Games, which generates additional income for developers. It is possible to accomplish this with a chatbot for Viber or by preinstalling it on mobile devices (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, etc.)