BOCA Partners with Goshopia to Create Sustainable Uniforms for its Guest Relations team

October 20, 2022

DUBAI, UAE – SEPTEMBER 2022: – BOCA, the Dubai restaurant that has been pioneering in the field of sustainability, has found a way to incorporate their values into their uniforms thanks to Goshopia.


The award-winning restaurant approached Goshopia with an idea: to create a line of uniforms that are made from sustainable material and sourced responsibly, different to what was available in the market and would fit the demanding needs of a restaurant operation.

Goshopia is the leader of slow and sustainable fashion in the region. From the initial focus on fashion, the platform has grown to also offer accessories, beauty, home décor and soon corporate gifting. All following their 3S’s or core values:

  • Slow philosophy
  • Sustainability, and
  • Social Responsibility

Both companies share the same values and enthusiasm for the environment. The design process was totally collaborative, with BOCA’s and Goshopia’ s teams bouncing ideas, designs and selecting fabrics and colors.

The result is a line of uniforms that combine comfort, function, and beauty in a sustainable fabric that’s easy on the environment. The uniforms are designed and built to last using 100% hemp.

Hemp is a sustainable material that’s been used for centuries because of its durability and comfort. Totally biodegradable, it gets better with every wash. What’s more? Hemp is UV-resistant and anti-bacterial and requires less water to grow that other natural fibers. Also, can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with the Goshopia team who brought our vision to life. Araceli, Goshopia’s founder is an incredibly passionate individual with a fantastic and talented team. They were continuously supportive and patient during the whole process and I can’t be prouder to see the new sustainable uniforms which represent BOCA’s ethos” comments Katarina Urbanova, BOCA’s Restaurant Manager.

The new uniforms are 100% earth-friendly and look amazing on the team. Photo credits to Lorena de la Torre.

This is part of a larger effort by Goshopia to make their sustainable products available not only for direct consumers but also for business and corporations. Hence the birth of the new division of the company offering sustainable uniforms, eco corporate gifting and even plants to improve the air quality of the office or workspace.

Sustainability has a lot of angles. From recycled to organic materials, or the constant search of circularity and balance between what we get and what we give back to our planet. BOCA and Goshopia- both as pioneers in their respective fields- hope that these new uniforms will encourage other companies to embrace these very important values and be able to create a ripple effect and a greater positive impact.

Guests can book through 04-3231833, WhatsApp +971 52 160 7507 and [email protected]