Creativity, Innovation and Artificial Intelligence How is Redefining the Travel Industry around the World

By Moonbox News November 4, 2022

Shake up your next holiday and get experiences anywhere, anytime at the best rates around the world with 

One of the world’s leading experience and travel brands, is an online platform that provides users with adventures, tours, and “experiences” directly from vendors or local tour guides at the best rate possible. The ‘experience’ marketplace works like a bidding platform, that allows various vendors to set the price they want and allows customers to choose the best deal available. Think of it as the traditional auction, where both parties get to be satisfied with their transaction. 

Alexander Pershikov who had a vision of post COVID travel mobility, due to his own personal experiences with travel setbacks, started as a way for people to make the most of their holiday. “If you are going 100 miles to a new place, you want trusted suppliers with the best prices, selected by a tender system that allows you to make the most of your trip. For many of us, when we are travelling, we worry about convenience, whether we will be “ripped” off or not. That is why I created get experience, so people feel and know that they are getting the best deal on whatever experience they choose. Moreover, this isn’t your average, off the shelf tour guide must dos and don’ts. But real experiences from locals who want you to fully immerse in the culture and the lands of the place you are visiting”. uses an advanced AI system that brings a new, technologically innovative solution to serving customers. It provides them with a unique bidding engine – meaning that service providers get to compete for clients and an AI algorithm that creates personalised offers. 

The platform provides tourists with classical offline activities and modern virtual experiences. Moreover, people now can have personalised experiences in the “metaverse”, a new addition that is being used by people all over the world when they are looking for an escape from home. is readily available around 70 countries and seeking further MENA region expansion as well as far east Asia, Australia, and South Europe in sight for the near future.