Sep 29, 2022

List of PR Agencies in Dubai – Best PR Companies Dubai

PR Agencies in Dubai

The constant pressure of social media and the digital age has compelled businesses to consider the way their brands are perceived.

If you’re considering investing in your business’s public image, you’ll need to know what a PR agency does. Here we will be discussing some mainstream names and why they are the best PR agency in Dubai. Before moving into this, we will have a quick analysis of what public relations is, what PR agencies offer and which is the best PR agency in Dubai.

What is Public Relations?

Public relations is the strategic process of building and maintaining a positive relationship between an organisation and the public or a specific audience.

A public relations campaign goes beyond preserving a brand’s reputation — it can define the success of your enterprise. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t know how to do their PR, so they ought to hire others.

Why Is Public Relations Essential?

Customers make conclusions for several reasons. One of those reasons is the relationship they judge they have with a company. If a company has a damaging image or is ensnarled in a controversial public issue, a customer may no longer deem it as connected with the brand, image, and product. Public relations often organize this brand and ensure customers, employees, investors, and other external parties have a favorable disposition to resume involvement with the company.

List of Top  PR Agencies In Dubai – Best PR Companies in Dubai 2023

Let us now move with our round-up of the top PR agencies in Dubai!

It can be challenging to determine which one to go with, so read on after the list for our guide to assist you choose the best Dubai PR Company.

#1. MoonBox – Foremost PR Agency Dubai

As brand storytellers, they focus on the significance of strategic digital PR as key to conveying a brand’s authentic narrative. As the most aged PR agency in Dubai, they’ve maintained a large clientele over the decades. Their team is made of PR experts across numerous countries who are skilled in public relations for diverse languages. 

Altogether, MoonBox’s overall expertise and background permit them to be relaxed in their PR services for every customer. No matter the niche of your branding or prominence, MoonBox is always trustworthy as a PR agency in UAE. They also feature editorial PR services that can significantly expand your brand reach through newspapers, magazines, and additional media outlets.

Whether you need help in public relations, Video ProductionLogo Designingpackaging design, editorial services, or Videography Dubai they can deliver it to you.

Latifa Towers
34th Floor, Office 3401
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

#2. Iris PR

Iris PR is an agency that has expertise in public relations just for businesses. Their services includes PR not just on a B2C level but also on the B2B-level, which is favourably beneficial for companies looking to expand their affiliations with further organizations.

Iris PR is highly competent in providing its services to businesses of any niche and can assist you with PR concerns for your company.

They have a track record of helping organizations in achieving leadership positions through strategic and innovative marketing communications campaigns developed to synergize with their client’s business goals.

Address : HDS Business Centre, 2802, Dubai, UAE

#3. Atteline

Brands that target millennials and partners of “Gen Z” will benefit significantly from Atteline’s PR services.

Atteline grounds its services in establishing a powerful social network for PR success, which they get from understanding what millennials and Gen Z members want. You can see this from their primary offerings, which include digital media coverage and strategic alliances.

In other words, those looking to jumpstart a new brand image will find that Atteline is a great choice for achieving digital market reach.

Address : 710 Jumeirah Bay Tower X3 Cluster X, Dubai, UAE

#4. Sanguine Communications

Sanguine Communications delivers high-quality digital communication solutions that can assist their clients and their business from the middle east. Their broad range of services has the ability to create outstanding business outcomes. 

They are a team of favourably skilled workers and excellent communicators with outstanding backgrounds in the digital world. They think out of the box gaining more than 560+ clients in history. 

Their experiences make them more trustworthy in, small or large-scale businesses. Overall, Sanguine Communications are very efficient with their work and is worth the time, belief, and money.

Address : Business Village, Diera, Dubai, UAE

#5. Matrix

This agency has been in function since 1999, built upon the understanding and standards of 3-decade PR veteran Jack Pearce. Such vast experience means that you’re certain to get the most acceptable that Dubai has to offer in PR services.

Their top offering is an individual brand consultancy, specializing in influencer PR, social media, and reputation leadership.


A-3013 Mazaya Centre, 160 Sheikh Zayed Collector Road, Box 54250, Dubai, UAE

#6. Ananda Shakespeare Communications

No company can be ever analogised to Ananda Shakespeare Communications! Ananda is a mix of dedication, strategy, and creativity.

Public Relations, Media Management, and Brand Recognition are their passion. They take their time working side by side with their clients to compose a bespoke suite of services designed to maximize ROI and create genuine brand recognition across the GCC.

Address : 

Level 25, Burj Al Salam, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

#7. Coral Coast PR

Coral Coast PR is not your typical PR Agency for they have expertise in a lot of fields. Whether you need assistance in public relations, crisis management, marketing, event management, editorial services, digital media, or photography, they can deliver it to you.

Their team specializes in PR event management services, meaning they can ensure that any event you plan goes off without a hitch.

We believe they are one of the best PR agencies in Dubai because they have a process they do before the event that can make it more successful. Their team starts by identifying the target audience of their client before preparing the concept of the event and eventually planning the logistics and overseeing the technical aspects of the tailor-made event.

Address : P O Box 126437 Dubai United Arab Emirates

Top FAQ about Top PR Agency in Dubai, UAE

  • How to Choose the Best PR Agency in Dubai?

The foremost thing you need to take into consideration is asking the PR agency the top 3 things. Quotation, Portfolio, and reviews.

  • How long do I need PR services?

It relies on your overall goal and a lot of diverse factors. Getting PR services to promote your brand image may take up to a year.

  • Is it possible to handle my own PR without a PR agency?

It’s possible to handle your own PR without an agency. We favorably recommend that you hire a PR agency for the most suitable possible results for your brand image. They’ve gone through the training to facilitate your image so that you don’t have to.