Oct 6, 2022

Professional Videography Dubai – Hire Videographers UAE

Videography dubai

Moonbox is a highly acclaimed creative video production company in Dubai, UAE. We work with advertising agencies, government departments, and brands to create videos that are designed to inspire and connect with audiences through clear and powerful storytelling.

At Moonbox, we have years of experience in the business and understand what our clients need. We offer professional videography Dubai services and specialize in personal branding and digital marketing. We’ve worked with a wide variety of industries, including hospitality, restaurants, schools, retail brands, education, real estate, banking, and automobiles. No matter what your industry, we can help you with your video production needs.

Our professional and experienced Dubai videographers have the skillset to produce high-quality videos for any project you have in mind – whether it’s a one-on-one interview or a large commercial shoot with multiple cameras. If you’re looking to promote your product, brand, or vision through video, we can offer you creative ideas and solutions to make your project a success. We can also capture precious memories of your most anticipated event so you can cherish them for years to come.

Moonbox is a leading video production company in Dubai that has extensive experience in creating top-quality videos for businesses and industries of all types in the UAE. We have a team of highly skilled and professional Dubai videographers who are experts in filming and editing high-definition videos that will meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our production company creates content with a focus on corporate and commercial videos, fashion editorials, advertising, social media, and live filming.

Types of Videography Dubai Services

  • Video Ad Campaigns
  • Social Media Contents
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Brand Commercials
  • Video Ad Campaigns
  • Social Media Contents & much more

We are the leading branding agency based in Dubai representing the top-tier and established professional videographers and cinematographers in Dubai working across various industries.

At our company, we have professional Dubai videographers who use animated videos and motion graphics to help individual clients and brands enhance their messages. This is done by elaborating on the concept and creating the correct video brand for all platforms. 

At MoonBox, our professional videographers in Dubai are dedicated to creating and curating high-quality videos for industry leaders across multiple sectors, including fashion, food, commercial, and social media content. Our team of experienced videographers and Director of Photography cover it all, ensuring that our client’s needs are always met with the highest standard of service.

Why do You Require a Video Production Company & a Marketing Agency?

When you’re trying to determine which type of company to outsource your video project to, it’s important to know that both video production companies and marketing agencies have skills that overlap. However, the most successful campaigns come from leveraging both types of companies to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Developing performance creative that yields the strongest results comes down to working with the right partners. Video production companies and marketing agencies have their own individual strengths, but by combining the two, you’ll create a match made in heaven. Having an impressive creative and a tried-and-true distribution plan working in tandem will help you scale your business and give you the most comprehensive, well-researched, and impactful video marketing strategy.

What does a marketing agency do?

Marketing agencies which specialize in video are extremely beneficial as they offer a broad scope of services and skills. When it comes down to video marketing specifically, here are some of the key ways in which these agencies can contribute:

  • Build unique brand identity. They assist you to realise what sets you apart from everyone else and they choose the best voice for you to communicate your messages.
  • Build a solid marketing strategy or plan. Marketing agencies work with you from the attention to the action stage. They have the know-how when it comes to strategies, methods, and metrics for assisting you to achieve your business goals.
  • Determine the best channels. They know how to leverage digital media, social media, blogs, email, SEM, and more to assist you to get the best potential results from each.
  • Trace all the essential KPIs and metrics. They can track progress to guarantee you’re on target to hit all your marketing and growth goals.

There is a proven track record of success for marketing agencies in their respective fields. They know what to do, what to avoid, and the shortest paths to success.

What does a video production company do?

Here are some of the core advantages of working with a video production company like MoonBox:

  • Develop/Validate your creative strategy. We answer questions like what creative strategy would work most suitable for you? And how can diverse styles, lengths, and formats of video better support you reach your goals?
  • Make videos that tell a story. Our team of strategists, producers, directors, and editors know the distinction between a series of disjointed clips and a coherent, impactful, and exceptional video that strengthens your brand story and connects with viewers significantly.
  • Deliver guidance and support. MoonBox team work with you through the numerous stages of video production to guarantee your project is aligned with your brand, personality, and objectives.
  • Save you time and stress. Putting your video in our expert hands gives your teams the ability to concentrate on the internal work that they do best without getting bogged down. Our proprietary production platform smooths out the historically fragmented production process and delivers consistent delivery every time.

MoonBox is a performance-driven production company that works with businesses from idea to completion. We pride ourselves on being able to develop a custom strategy for each client that is based on their goals. This allows us to create a final product that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

So, why do you need both?

Video production companies and marketing agencies have a lot in common, but they each offer unique perspectives and services that can complement each other. Marketers can leverage video production companies for their understanding of performance creative and production expertise, and marketing agencies for their multi-channel marketing strategy and analysis. Employing both guarantees you have the best shot at developing and implementing a video marketing strategy that will exponentially boost your business.