Oct 12, 2021

Why Brands Don’t Adopt Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent Packaging by brands

Packaging is one of the most effective tools for brands not only to attract customers but also to build brand loyalty along with buyers. It is hard to understand that when the world has become technologically advanced, why are brands still sticking to the age-old packaging options with little to no creativity or technical advancement.  With the availability of cutting-edge digital solutions for packaging like NFC (near field communication) and RFID (radio frequency identification), brands still rely on simple packaging that is almost the same as it used to be 10 or even 15 years ago. Brands can incorporate NFC and RFID in the packaging to engage the buyers in an exciting manner. When this adaptation can bring unbounded brand loyalty coupled with thrill among buyers, there have to be multiple reasons behind rooting for simplistic packaging.  Before we discuss the topic of intelligent packaging in detail, let us first try to understand the current state of basic packaging around the globe.

Packaging in the Past 10 Years 

Be it a pack of biscuits, a bag of chips, or even a mobile phone that evolved from the keypad to touch; all of it still comes in similar packaging as it used to over 15 years ago. You might notice the changes in colors, branding, or even the design of the packaging. In some cases, you might even find a slight change in the material used for packaging. However, there is no substantial change.  One noticeable change in mobile phone packaging could be the fact that the box of the phones are much easier to open now, as you just have to hold the lid and the bottom part slides down. However, this convenient packaging is only limited to mobile phones. Products like tablets still make the buyers struggle to get the box opened. Even though the technology is moving at a much faster rate, there is almost no innovation when it comes to packaging.


Why Do Brands Shy Away From the Idea of Intelligent Packaging? 

As per Udo Paneka, the reason for not adopting intelligent packaging has more to do with a lack of awareness instead of a lack of interest. In his recent article, he has pointed out the following mistakes that brands make when it comes to packaging decisions:

  • Brands often forget that the consumer packaged goods industry revolves around packaging. This common mistake leads to additional mistakes.
  • Brands do not consider the packaging responsiveness of their products, and often don’t realize the impact of even slight changes in the packaging.
  • Most of the time, while planning a product innovation, they do not consider the costs of packaging, which often leads to budget constraints or surprise expenses.
  • It is often noticed that the marketing departments are clueless about packaging and their briefs are faulty or wrong.


Understandably, the state of packaging is poor and companies have to pay attention to their packaging to beat the competition and retain customers. Incorporating intelligent packaging could be costly at present, but it is sad to notice that such packaging is not even available for premium products. The worst part is that companies are not even trying to bring creative ideas.  If you wish to discuss more on this subject, feel free to reach out to our experts!