Anjum Mall


Located in Makkah, Anjum Mall is set to become the city’s landmark, synonymous to a high standard of quality and unparalleled convenience. It offers wide range of dining and shopping options, and aims to provide experiences that are memorable and become a recognised location in the city.

Anjum Mall overview


Being the holiest city in Islam, Makkah has been a place of worship for pilgrims. The challenge was to position itself in a way that would also intrigue pilgrims and blend with the city’s values.

Anjum Mall challenge


We changed the positioning and the messaging of the brand. Iconic destinations like Makkah are landmarks on their own. Anjum adds to its magnificence, where culture, community and convenience converge, aspires to become yet another landmark that creates memorable experiences for locals, pilgrims, entrepreneurs.

Anjum Mall idea

Our Impact

We redefined their key messaging and key positioning with a full fledged strategy and gave it a different approach. We revamped their brand values, vision, mission, brand purpose and defined how it is going to be a landmark in this holy city of Makkah. Our strategy was well recieved by the client and they were happy to implement it.

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