Friends of Cancer Patients


Friends of Cancer Patients or FOCP is committed to helping cancer patients and their families through their healing journey. Since its inception, FoCP has delivered holistic support to patients and their kin, irrespective of nationality, gender, age, religion or ethnicity.

Overview-Friends of Cancer Patients


Since 1995, FOCP has established itself as a social institution and pioneer in social work specifically for cancer patients in the United Arab Emirates. Along with the passing of the years is the inevitable change in giving, and without an updated messaging that breaks cultural barriers, it would prove to be difficult to reach out to a newer, more diverse audience.

Challenge-Friends of Cancer Patients


Centered around being a companion throughout the journey and giving a sense of reignited hope to patients, families and the public as a whole, FOCP’s messaging should clearly express its three main pillars of advocacy, awareness and support.
It was a no-brainer to include its legacy of more than two decades and the thousands of lives it directly and indirectly touched. With its message of hope, FOCP already had a strong presence which can only be made more powerful through an equally compelling visual identity. We wanted FOCP as a veteran in social work to make its mark with this generation of donors and partners as a foundation driven towards positive change, now and forever.

Idea-Friends of Cancer Patients

Our Impact

In line with the message of hope and help that FOCP wanted to send across, Moonbox emphasised the three pillars of FOCP: awareness, advocacy and support. Its main vision, to ensure cancer no longer has power over human life, sends a solid message of assurance that they are doing everything they can in their power to help uplift lives, and with a new values manifesto that is more actionable, current and future team members, from its volunteers to its board members, know exactly what is expected of them.

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