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Based in the UAE, Shazza is a car matchmaking marketplace that is here to smoothen out the process of renting cars. It aims to bridge the gap between car drivers and carpreneurs. Keen on propelling the sharing economy and travelling the sustainable way, renting a car or any other form of transportation is more economical and sustainable in the long run. Hence Shahzza is here to make the whole experience safe, swift, simple and seamless for everyone.

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The team at Shazza knew who they were, why they existed and what was their purpose. But they needed to discover how to go about writing their message and choosing the right words. They needed a proper direction and guidance that would help them simplify their key messaging and ensure that the consumers had the most user-friendly experience.

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We came up with…BUT BETTER philosophy. Dubai is the land of “extra,” doing the absolute most and raising the bar for almost everything. Shazza is doing exactly that for one of the most important aspects of life—mobility. Shazza is more than car rentals. More than just an exchange of coin and car keys, it is a technology platform that makes life better and easier.

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Our Impact

After brainstorming with the client and gathering all the key insights, we put together the building blocks that were needed to redefine their brand values. The idea statement was the blueprint gathered from insights through branding workshop, whittled down and distilled into a detailed strategy that redefined their brand’s purpose, positioning, and expression. Right from why the brand existed, what it aspired to achieve, how it built a roadmap towards its goals, the impact it’d have in the long run – we answered it all. They implemented the new brand strategy and it worked wonders for them.

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