Straw - Homegrown Bubble Tea Brand


STRAW is a homegrown bubble tea brand in the UK that focuses on wholesome goodness with its sustainable, locally sourced products. Offering an array of flavoured teas, yogurt, boba options and more, STRAW is here to remind people that staying real is truly the best!



Being a new player in the bubble tea market, STRAW was aware of the fierce competition in the UK and the rest of the world. Most competitors had already taken over the prime locations and had been around much longer, which meant STRAW had to make its mark from the get-go. With honest work and great flavours at its core, STRAW needed to build a brand strategy that will reflect its pure goodness from the inside out.



A brand that likes to keep it simple deserves messaging that’s equally simple. It’s proposition, ’Wholesome goodness,’ seemed like an apt choice—crisp and straight to the point. Its products are locally sourced, fresh produce, and represents more than a a beverage that one could sip on daily. The idea was to introduce customers to ‘not just another bubble tea brand’, but a homegrown brand that means to challenge the notions not just of the beverage but of the experience itself.


Our Impact

We began with a strategic approach to define the brand’s purpose, positioning, and expression. Right from why the brand existed, what it aspired to achieve, how it built a roadmap towards its goals, the contribution and impact it’d have in the long run – we answered it all. Working together with the client and going beyond, we also carried out a deep competitor analysis to understand better how STRAW should position itself to stand strong in a competitive market. Complete with a tagline and a promise, customers knew what to expect from STRAW, while STRAW knew what it was out to achieve and how.

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