Mar 4, 2023

Top 10 T Shirt Design Trends For This Summer

T shirt design trends

Get ready to fuel your creativity with the newest 2023 t shirt design trends! 

This year is going to be about the passion for art, self-expression, fearlessness, and vibrant, cohesive colors.

As an online seller, you must keep up with what’s transpiring in the world and culture. Making trending designs can be a useful strategy to boost your ecommerce presence and boost sales.

That’s why we created a list of the hottest tshirt design trends. You can refer to our list when you need some motivation to create new products. so lets dwell into this topic now!

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It’s 2024 and you know what that conveys: new year – new tshirt design trends! Here are our top 10 graphic tee trends we’ve seen popping up and popping off this year so far. 

Trending Shirt Designs 2024

Fashion trends come and go, but shirt designs remain a constant source of innovation and creativity. From simple and plain garments to expressive pieces of art, shirts have evolved into bold fashion statements. New and exciting shirt designs are trending in 2024 in the fashion industry. Trending shirt designs and design trends for 2024 are discussed in this article. We also provide tips for creating trending shirt designs that capture attention and resonate with your target audience.

  1. All-over print
  2. 3D effects
  3. Brushstroke
  4. Y2K
  5. Early 2000s
  6. Serif font texts
  7. Creepypasta horror
  8. Tie-dye hippie style
  9. Big text
  10. 90s geometric pattern

#1. All-over print

All-over prints are amazing Merch products that feature designs that cover the whole item. You’ve seen them before: patterned leggings, trippy tees, fully-printed backpacks, and numerous other favoured products. We anticipate seeing much more of these products in the near future. 

#2. 3D effects

3D effect designs are a graphical design trend that hasn’t been actually exploited in Print-on-demand in current times but is poised to make a comeback. Since 3D design needs a certain degree of expertise, various tools like PSD t-shirt design template providers have bridged the gap between sellers with little design skills and truly amazing tee designs, allowing them to use ready-made elements in various compositions and make multiple original designs this way.

#3. Brushstroke

Brushstroke style design has been around for years, and we’re assured that 2023 will bring about many new twists to this appropriate style. Keep an eye out for brushstroke text designs and effects that can work as elements to make your designs pop even more.

#4. Y2K

Y2K designs are usually inspired by early 2000s nostalgia, usually featuring flowers, butterflies, and short texts in stylish typefaces. Y2K style is active above all, and it will surely be a trend that will ultimately fade, so keep that in mind!

$5. Early 2000s

Early 2000s aesthetics are also making a splash in upcoming design trends, in addition to Y2K. This trend flourishes on internet culture and early Web 2.0 references, which have resemblances with the Vaporwave style you might have seen in current years. Like Y2K style, this is a trend that has a finite lifespan, so take advantage of it while you can!

#6. Serif font texts

Serif fonts are a change of pace from what the industry has been featuring in the past year, and this can be an interesting design pivot going forward. If you’re up for testing with new styles, serif font texts are an effortless choice to get started with.

#7. Creepypasta horror

Horror designs are one of the most famous and creative subjects for Merch products, and creepypasta horror has gradually been making a cult following in modern internet culture. There are many stories to get motivation from, including famous critters like Slenderman, to more obscure and more ‘underground’ stories that might strike a chord with the correct audience.

#8. Tie-dye hippie style

Tie-dye clothing is always looming around, but we are hopeful that it will make a comeback in 2023. This design style works best on all-over items, like the ones we said earlier.

#9. Big text

In most cases, big, easy designs are more comfortable for the eye to catch. This spreads to simple quotes and texts made in big bold fonts. Adding colours and facts make these designs stand out even more, yet sometimes a more uncomplicated style does the trick. Editable text templates assist make this job even more leisurely.

#10. 90s geometric pattern

There are many types of patterns, and 90s-style geometric patterns are hot for pillows, mugs, and blankets.

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