Aug 26, 2023

Twitter Undergoes Rebranding as X and Retires Its Iconic Blue Bird Logo

Twitter Rebranding Logo

In a notable shift, Twitter has decided to retire its well-known bird logo in favor of the sleek letter ‘X,’ which now stands as its official logo. This strategic rebranding follows an announcement made by Elon Musk over the weekend, marking a significant departure from the platform’s visual identity. Users visiting the platform can already witness this transformation, as the change has been promptly implemented on the website.

A Shift in Identity

Since the platform’s creation, the Twitter bird logo, which has been synonymous with it, has stood for connection, simplicity, and open communication. The soaring bird against the background of blue stood for open communication, freedom of expression, and the huge reach of the online world.

However, times change, and so do brand strategies. The transition from the bird to the ‘X’ signifies more than just a visual shift. It suggests a bold step towards redefining Twitter’s identity in a landscape increasingly dominated by innovation, technological disruption, and the need for constant evolution.

The Symbolism of ‘X’

The ‘X’ logo invites interpretation because it doesn’t immediately indicate a bird or social media. The letter “X” often refers to development, exploration, and mystery. By using this logo, Twitter may be indicating that it wants to explore new areas, promote artistic expression, and open up new possibilities for communication and interactions.

Following the replacement of Twitter’s well-known blue bird with the ‘X’ logo, Elon Musk once again initiated a modification. During Tuesday afternoon, Musk substituted Twitter’s ‘X’ logo with a version sporting slightly bolder lines. However, he subsequently announced his intention to revert this alteration. As you can see the image is embedded below.

Twitter rebranding

Moreover, the letter ‘X’ holds broad appeal due to its universal recognition that transcends languages and cultures. This shift can also signify Twitter’s aspiration for a more extensive and inclusive global impact.

 While unveiling the new logo, Musk described it as an “interim” choice, implying the potential for further logo alterations down the line. This suggests that Twitter might be exploring additional branding updates in the future, demonstrating a dynamic and evolving approach to its visual representation.

Website Redirection: A Strategic Move

An intriguing aspect of Elon Musk’s rebranding is he revealed that the domain has been redirected to, a domain name closely aligned with his past endeavors, now redirects to This strategic maneuver consolidates Twitter’s new identity and reinforces its presence under the ‘X’ banner. It could also indicate a potential synergy between Musk’s ventures and Twitter’s evolution. A point of interest arises from a tweet by Elon Musk, wherein he revealed that the domain has been redirected to to Twitter

Elon Musk’s Influence

The announcement of the logo change was made by Elon Musk, a figure known for his trailblazing ventures in various industries. The influence of Musk and his propensity for creative thinking are evident in this rebranding choice. As soon as he announced the change in a tweet, it immediately attracted attention and discussions on why it was necessary.

Musk’s involvement adds a layer of intrigue to the rebranding. It suggests that Twitter, under his newfound influence, is embracing a more daring and unconventional approach to its identity. This aligns with Musk’s reputation for pushing boundaries and embracing change as a means of progress. 

A hint emerged that the term “tweet” might be discarded, as Musk initially replied to a user that they would now be labeled as “X’s.” However, as is often the case with Musk, deciphering the actual truth can be quite the challenge.

Elon Musk Twitter challenge

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