Eluxura luxury skincare fragrances


ELUXURA, the first online ethical beauty destination in the region, offers sustainable luxury skincare and sophisticated fragrances from the finest brands. The brand represents a one-of-a-kind experience for a niche market.

Eluxura luxury skincare fragrances


Right off the bat, the team at Eluxura wanted a new name to clearly communicate their impact. While BALMESSENCE was a name already known to those who are switching to ethical beauty and sustainable lifestyle, there was a need for clarity in order to stand out, especially for a unique e-commerce portal. Eluxura also needed a matching visual identity system to reflect its position in the upscale beauty market.

Eluxura luxury skincare fragrances


Luxury is innately sustainable—limited releases, high quality ingredients sustainably sourced and carefully selected for the user. If we were to underpin their brand narrative on something, it would be on the idea that kept recurring throughout our conversations with the founder—that luxury needs to be redefined. Luxury and sustainability, from a distant point of view, may mean expensive and frivolous, but there is a jarring need to elevate life or raise standards in terms of what we put on skin.

Eluxura luxury skincare fragrances

Our Impact

Moonbox undertook a deep analysis to understand how Eluxura stood out against the competition and what potential it had to reach wider markets on a tech-driven platform. We brought to life the brand’s vision with a colour palette that spoke to luxury, accompanied by a tagline that resonated with its core. A detailed audience persona analysis also helped us understand them better and create a strong brand purpose statement.

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