Med-In LLC - Healthcare Investment Group


Med-In Investments LLC is a healthcare investment group that focuses on empowering those who govern the healthcare ecosystem, transforming the space, adding value and maximising returns through a three-dimensional approach encompassing investments, trading, and direct services.

Med-In LLC - Healthcare Investment Group


MED-IN was a brand new entity entering the market with a key motive to develop a full overarching brand to consolidate its existing companies that up until then worked separately, with their own strategies in place. With their companies already being well-known globally and each bearing its own identity, the challenge was to create a new brand that aligned with all the existing ones.

Med-In LLC - Healthcare Investment Group


Built around the concept of being ‘a trusted partner’, we wanted to position MED-IN as a brand whose team was composed of people with longstanding legacy, yet was approachable and modern. A holistic approach was the core of the strategy and brand building process to match its own holistic approach to healthcare.

Med-In LLC - Healthcare Investment Group

Our Impact

MED-IN was certain of the values—trustworthy, humane, innovative, forward thinking, adaptive, agile and disruptive. Moonbox ensured that the brand story, the mission and vision, the purpose, and the overall core captured all these values. We carried out an intensive workshop and made sure to cover our bases in terms of competitor study to be certain that MED-IN had a clear X-Factor. We clearly defined their brand benefits, goals, and articulated their vision in simple terms. While creating an identity for a corporate entity, we made sure to keep the visual elements and colour palette clear and aesthetically made sense.

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