Jul 4, 2023

How the Adidas Stan Smith Shoes Became One of the Most Iconic Branded?

stan smith shoes

This iconic shoe’s – stan smith shoes successful comeback can be explained by looking at its history, which dates back to 1964. Originally, Stan Smith tennis shoes were designed for French tennis player Robert Haillet in the 1960s. As a result of Stan Smith’s endorsement of the tennis shoe in 1971, the shoe was given the name Stan Smith. Stan Smith won the US Open on grass, the Davis Cup on clay, and Wimbledon with this shoe.

Herzogenaurach, Germany, is the headquarters of Adidas, a multinational corporation. In addition to sports shoes and apparel, ADIDAS also sells accessories. After Nike, they are the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe.

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Adidas began by producing sports equipment and has evolved into one of the world’s leading brands for sneakers and sportswear.

It has continued to flourish in recent years, becoming one of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturers.

Their unique marketing strategies contributed to their success and staying relevant to all consumers.

What would be an example?


When a style of sneakers is no longer selling, footwear brands phase it out.

In order to make way for new styles, older styles are permanently discontinued.

Conversely, Adidas had other plans for its popular and classic shoes.

A temporary discontinuation of the brand’s signature sneakers was made in 2011.

The Adidas Stan Smith.

  • Stan Smith is a tennis icon and Grand Slam winner whose sneakers bear his name. Initially designed as a tennis shoe, it gained popularity as a street and casual shoe.

The goal was to desaturate the market, and guess what? It Finally worked!

Following numerous celebrities wearing the Stan Smith sneakers with casual wear and eventually on fashion magazine spreads, people started looking for ways to cop a pair again.

As a response, Adidas relaunched the signature sneakers in the year 2014 through a campaign they started named, “Stan Yourself.”

In certain areas, giant shoebox-shaped pop-up stores reintroduced the Stan Smith sneaker line.

Follow the instructions and tweet to enter for a chance to win a pair of personalized Stan Smith sneakers.

What has been the feedback?

During the campaign period, Adidas’ PR team received 24,000 tweet entries on average!

The @adidasoriginals twitter account obtained 13,000 mentions and over 15,000 unique followers within 5 days, breaking previous records.


stan smith twitter

As a result of the unexpected success of the campaign, Adidas even had to hire more PR staff!

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Adidas sold over 40 million Stan Smiths worldwide during the same year of the campaign!

In the years that followed, Adidas’ branding and business flourished thanks to the campaign.

As one of Adidas’ best-selling shoes of all time, Stan Smith continues to captivate customers who want a classic look.

In addition to appealing to new customers, retaining its current customers, and increasing brand awareness, Adidas was also able to make the most out of one of its old and classic products.

What a comeback!

Adidas showed why it is one of the best sportswear brands through its marketing prowess!

Adidas Stan Smith sneakers are perfect for the gym, errands, or the office. Also, they’re a blank canvas for styling – you can wear them with dresses, jeans, sweatpants, and more.

Stan Smith was no longer produced by Adidas in 2011

Despite continuing popularity in France, Adidas decided to stop producing the shoes in 2012 because interest in the shoes has declined in other countries. The decision was met with criticism and disappointment, especially from fans on social media.

Comeback in 2014: A success

Stocks of the sneakers started to disappear after production ceased in 2011.  The availability of second-hand Stan Smith sneakers online was severely limited a year later, with a very limited range of colors and sizes. As fans began to accept that their favorite shoes would no longer be available, Adidas posted an intriguing tweet on May 31st:

The marketing strategy- How the Stan Smith Shoes Became One of the Most Iconic Brand?

A very precise marketing strategy, which started by creating a buzz on social media, proved extremely effective in bringing back the legendary Adidas sneakers.

1) A social media-focused campaign with a fully integrated approach

The Stan Smith campaign consists of print, outdoor, in-store, and digital promotions.

Adidas created a viral video featuring famous Stan Smith fans and a black-and-white documentary-style interview with Stan Smith online to generate initial hype.

It was discussed by tennis player Andy Murray, designers Lucio Castro and Louis-Marie Castelbajac, as well as singers Sky Ferreira and Momo Wu how Stan Smith sneakers influenced their work and style.

2) Making the rarity…

Taking the Stan Smith off the shelves

As a result of removing the Stan Smith from shelves, Adidas was able to significantly boost its sales. As a result, this shoe became increasingly rare, creating a new need for it. Adidas did not gain more Stan Smith fans during the past three years since it was removed from stores; rather, the recent surge in sales is likely to have been caused by the marketing strategy behind the disappearance of the iconic sneakers, which cleverly created its rarity and maintained its myth.

 … By controlling the demand

To increase demand for the Stan Smith, Adidas has been controlling supply. Every month, the company restocks and maintains an inventory to meet demand. As a result of limited supply, some classic models have been sold out for several weeks since the re-launch, fueling a renewed interest in the iconic shoe.

partnering with exclusive retailers and world-class designers

Exclusive retailers across the globe teamed up with Adidas in September 2013 to offer premium and limited edition Stan Smiths. Additionally, the brand produced customized Stan Smith sneakers for a select group of fashion, design, and cultural leaders. In each shoe, Stan Smith’s face is adapted with the famous “Endorsed by Stan Smith” graphic.

3) Timing the relaunch correctly

Re-launching the shoe also marks Adidas’ top-selling brand’s 50th anniversary. Adidas can therefore easily justify re-launching the shoe after three years.

Furthermore, this campaign plays on nostalgia and retro fashion trends. “You will also find a massive ’90s fashion revival going on right now, resulting in both men and women trying to find old-school garments and accessories with iconic logos, and Adidas will certainly fall into that category. “

adidas ensures that consumers will feel connected to the product and will want to purchase it by bringing back an iconic shoe for a campaign that celebrates its heritage.

4) A better version of the Stan Smith

Additionally, the new Stan Smith is highly sustainable and made of quality materials.

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Adidas Stan Smith sneakers have stood the test of time despite their debut over half a century ago. As a result, both fashion designers and film franchises have used silhouettes to tell their stories subtly or boldly. In addition to providing great comfort, Stan Smith sneakers can be a staple or statement piece, depending on the amount of embellishment.

With the adidas Stan Smith, the wearer decides the meaning of the shoe regardless of the era.