Creative agency versus Digital agency

Design is utterly enmeshed with advertising. Indeed, when we think of marketing endeavours it’s often elements of design, such as a logo or a brand’s colours. It’s this pivotal role of design which makes creative agencies as popular as they are. We know creativity is vital, so we call on the experts. But in recent years, we’re more likely to stumble upon a digital agency than one which dubs itself ‘creative’. It makes sense in terms of language. With the booming of our online world, it’s digital marketing which has taken over. However, this can leave you wondering if it really matters whether you choose, or search for, a creative agency or a digital agency. How do you make sure you get the services you really need?


Definitions: creative agencies vs. digital agencies

Creative agencies concentrate their efforts on design. They’ll use external partners, such as printers or online marketing consultants, to actually make their work reality. Their ultimate goal is to convey a brand through design. Hence we associate them with awesome logos and branding documentation. The clue is in the name: it is creative wizardry which is the focus. A digital agency, on the other hand, goes beyond creative design alone. They certainly incorporate it, and often at a level to rival a leading creative agency, but it’s not all they do. They are predominantly concerned with how that design plays out digitally, interacting with other digital elements. So they won’t just offer services such as logo design, but they’ll also do the things a creative agency would use an external partner for in the digital realm. For example, they will do things such as website designSEOsocial media marketing and more.


So digital agencies do more?

In a nutshell, yes. The scope of expertise is broader with digital agencies, although you won’t generally find them taking charge of hard-copy print jobs. What’s more, you can usually think of them as a more of a strategic partner – they tend to look at the bigger picture. It’s arguable that this is both necessary and important in the current world. We are all increasingly moving our focus to our online activities, including having a cohesive and strategized approach. After all, our customers and clients are online, so we understand that’s where we need to be too. The average adult spends 5.9 hours online every day. We consume 5 billion YouTube videos each dayGoogle processes over 40,000 searches per second every day. 87% of UK retail purchases are made online. It’s no surprise therefore, that businesses are turning to digital agencies for help with their online marketing strategies and practices.


Do I need a creative agency or a digital agency?

There are good reasons not to abandon the ethos of a creative agency altogether. Design is important. But it’s digital design which matters. Therefore, even when choosing a digital agency you need to make sure you choose one which has design right at the forefront. Your brand is intertwined with incredible design. If you want your digital marketing efforts to work, then you need to have some creative minds behind your brand. This way your visual content will entice and engage. From this position, the digital marketing efforts flow more smoothly. Indeed, Adobe points out that companies which put creativity in a prime position benefit from a 1.5 times greater market share than those which don’t.


An agency which works for you

Perhaps even more important than a generic dictionary definition, what really matters is choosing a top creative agency in Dubai which will work for you. Leading creative agencies also offer bespoke digital services which are tailored to exactly what you need. This can make them the most cost-effective choice, as well as being more likely to add value overall. Branding By 8 is a creatively driven website design and digital agency. We believe we bring our clients the best of both worlds.