Branding trends in the construction industry

The construction industry is immensely competitive. Dubai is famed the world over for its growth, realised most obviously, in the overwhelming amount of construction we see. The only way to stand out from the crowd, and win the business you want, is to have a brand which represents what customers are looking for, while also being memorable. That’s a tall order. However, here we look at the main branding trends in the construction industry, so that you can learn from the experts.


1. Consistency

In such a competitive marketplace, which has boomed in recent decades, your strength can be in your consistency. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a rebrand when you need to, but that your brand should convey consistency in all you do. Construction projects are, by their very nature, costly. Prospective customers need to know that you are in it for the long haul. It’s the bedrock of trust. Therefore, as we demonstrated with our work with AAA Construction Equipment, showcase your longevity if it applies to your business.

2. Think about your brand story

Humans are naturally drawn to the power of a story. It can be immensely impactful as part of your branding. Therefore, pick out the elements of your brand’s story that make your business unique, and a cut above the rest. An excellent example is the striking use of aerial photography that we have incorporated in the Effeco business website. Straight away, the audience sees something that tells a story, in a memorable and concrete way.


3. Remember who your audience is

All too often, businesses blindly go in to a branding exercise based on overall trends, not industry-specific patterns. This is a mistake. The single biggest thing you can do to help your brand, is to remember exactly who your audience is, and work to appeal to them. For example, those in the construction industry need to consider their client base, and who they are trying to attract. Your brand needs to convey trust, but also a no-nonsense, expert and knowledgeable character. This also applies to how you convey your branding. You need to meet your audience where they are. This will apply to your use of social media platforms, for example. Do some research to uncover where your audience is.


4. Remember your employees

A particularly big challenge, for those in the construction industry, is to channel their brand, consistently, through their employees. Once you’re working on a project, it is your employees who are now your ‘brand on the ground’. It is them with the power to ensure that your brand comes across positively or negatively. Therefore, always consider how employees reflect your brand, from the clothing they wear, to the paperwork they use. Your goal is to ensure that each time they interact with the customer; they are part of the branding experience.


5. Look to the future

In 2020 and beyond, a key branding trend in the construction industry is evolving for the future. With upheavals in the wider landscape of construction, it is even more important that your brand reflects an authentic and trustworthy business. You also need to ensure that your brand stays relevant for your customer as their needs develop and shift over time. Your ability to learn from your customers and change, according to their expectations, can be the difference between growth and stagnation. Particularly, we are seeing this with the importance of construction brands becoming more responsive – with their traffic increasingly coming from mobile devices.


6. Personalisation

Personalisation is a huge trend in branding across all industries in 2020. Customers are increasingly expecting a more personalised experience. This can actually be immensely tricky in the construction industry. However, this doesn’t mean you can shy away from the challenge. There are a number of ways you can make it work. Consider the voice of your brand. For those in the construction industry, it is easy for this to sound impersonal and ‘corporate’. Instead, try to put a more human voice to your brand, especially in all written communications such as via your website or social media channels.


7.     Have a conscience, and show it

In construction, a key trend is demonstrating that you care about the environment and the ethics of your construction processes. This is an opportunity to make your brand a step apart from the competition. By showing customers, through your branding, that they are making a sustainable and ethical choice, you capture their loyalty and commitment to you.