Colour psychology of UAE Brands

If you believe actions speak louder than words, have you considered how loudly colours could speak, and in fact they do! Colour analysis has widely been a topic of interest for artists, scientists, philosophers, thinkers, historians since time immemorial. It’s considered a powerful communication tool used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological reactions, so much so, that today colours are used as a therapeutic medium to ease stress and improve mental well-being

To put it simply, colour psychology is the study of how colours affect our perceptions. It has a deep effect on the sub-conscience. The psychology of colours in marketing and branding is prominently used by marketers, brand builders, designers, artists etc. to create an impact.    

Here’s how: Brand colour psychology is more about deriving inspiration rather than just being associated to a signature colour. It is more about the feeling or emotion that a brand colour invokes. Taking the example of Coca-Cola’s signature red, it signifies positivity, happiness and a burst of energy. The core idea behind brand colour psychology is how the brand sets the tone and how the consumers perceive and interact with it in their day to day lives. 

The psychology of colours in marketing and branding in the UAE has significant examples of noteworthy brands. Here’s a look at the most widely used colours by UAE-born brands 

Red: One of the most controversial colours, red brings with it positive as well as negative connotations, depending on where it’s used. It can be negative when on a Danger sign, but positive when used in a Valentine’s Day heart. Yet, no matter what, red will always stand out, which is why most brands prefer it for their logos. Red represents excitement, urgency, and passion, allowing every brand to use the colour based on what they want to represent. UAE’s most popular airline companies, like Emirates and Air Arabia, use red to generate excitement of travel, while Aramex uses it to mark a sense of urgency, hence getting your package across in the shortest possible time. Brands like RakBank and ADCB use red to signify their passion and commitment. These are just some of the many UAE-based brands that trust red for their primary logo colour. 

Blue: Blue is most often associated with knowledge, trust and accessibility which is why so many banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies choose blue to give the impression of being a smart, trustworthy name. Consider the most popular banks and finance houses in the UAE – Emirates NBD, ADIB, FAB, Emirates Insurance…the list goes on. Healthcare partners like The Health Bank and NMC Health also rely on blue to bring out their true values of trust and safety. 

Fun fact: Since Blue is often associated with good health, it is a colour that curbs hunger, hence you’ll rarely spot a fast food joint using blue. Think about it!

Green: Brands across the UAE, and globally too, incorporate green in their logos when they are likely to have an impact on the environment and want to demonstrate their sustainable side, like ENOC, Dana Gas and Taj Al Mulook. Green logos are also commonly used in food and beauty industries, where natural ingredients are a focus point. Being associated with luck and security, the colour is visible in logos of banks and insurance companies to ensure customers that their future is secure. Since green is easy on the eyes and amongst the most relaxing colours it is also considered less aggressive and hence, a preferred choice by many. 

Yellow: In 2003 a research study undertaken found that yellow was among the audience’s least favourite colours, but it also gave an insight into how yellow ranked low on quality and reliability, higher on speed and trust, and highest on happiness, fun and freshness. That’s probably why most shopping brands have yellow logos, because shopping resonates with bringing happiness and you’re always looking forward to buying something new and fresh. Think Best Buy, Brands for Less, Noon…packed with products that brighten up your day. Many food brands like McDonald’s and Chicky Brunch and Hardee’s use a combination of yellow with red to express excitement clubbed with the freshness of ingredients and flavours. 

Gold: Gold is often reminiscent of royalty, success, and good fortune. It’s multi-faceted, making room for designers to use gold tones in multiple ways, each with a different connotation. A great example of using gold well is the Majid al Futtaim logo, which doesn’t just capture magic, but the colour of sand as well – a perfect fit for UAE, being the land of gleaming gold deserts. 

The best branding services in Dubai emphasise a lot on the psychology of colours in marketing and branding. The key takeaway from the above mentioned brands indicates that the brand’s visual identity creates a strong foothold about how it will be perceived by the world. Choosing a colour that truly represents your brand and embodies its personality is definitely a huge distinguishing factor. Hence, it can be rightly said that colour truly makes a brand.